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What You Need to Know About Renters Insurance

Most people know that homeowner’s insurance helps cover the home in case of liability or damage, but what do people who don’t own a home do? Is there something to protect their possessions or cover them if they are liable for something? Yes, there is something called renters insurance that is available for people who rent a home or apartment instead of owning their home.  Alta Vista Insurance Agency in Vista, CA is here to assist. 

Here are some things that you need to know about this vital coverage.

What renters insurance does and doesn’t cover

Renters insurance covers many things, but there are also some things it does not cover. The three main things renters insurance covers are liability, personal possessions, and additional living expenses. Let’s dive into what each of these means.


Sometimes things happen at your home, and you are found responsible for damage or injury that may have occurred. When this happens, your liability coverage will cover the costs so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Liability insurance also covers you in the event of a lawsuit.

Personal possessions

If there was a fire, theft, or vandalism in your rented home, personal possessions coverage helps pay to replace your things. If you didn’t have that coverage, you would have to replace all your belongings, which could get quite expensive.

Additional living expenses

There are times when something happens, and you are not able to live in your rental. When this happens, your renter’s insurance can help you cover the expenses of renting a hotel room and eating your meals at restaurants until you can live in your home again.

How much insurance should you get?

It is helpful to look through all your things to get a good picture of what you have. Next, you should take pictures and get a value estimate of your possessions. You can have an insurance agent help walk you through the process.

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What Factors Do You Need to Consider When Selecting a Health Insurance Policy?

Buying a health insurance policy can be time-consuming and intimidating. This is because there are many factors you need to consider and take into account as you look to purchase a policy. Having an insurance agency you can trust and rely on, such as us here at Alta Vista Insurance Agency, serving the greater Vista, CA region, can make a lot of difference. We want to help individuals select the policy that is best suited for them.

Here are a few of the factors that you need to consider when you are selecting a health insurance policy:

What Doctors and Hospitals You Can Use

If you already have a network of doctors and hospitals that you use and you prefer to continue to use those professionals, you should always verify that those doctors and hospitals are included in the plan you are considering purchasing. This helps you avoid having to change doctors or go to a hospital that is out of your way. 

How Much Your Deductible, Co-Pays, and Policy Limits Are

As you look at various plans, you should also consider what the deductible is for the plan, how much your co-pays will be, and what the policy limits are. We can help you explain what each of these terms means and what amounts may be right for you. 

If the Policy Has Prescription Drug Coverage

Lastly, consider whether the policy has prescription drug coverage. Not every policy offers prescription drug coverage. 

Give Us A Call

Finding a health insurance plan that best suits your needs can be difficult, as there are so many plans to select from. However, at Alta Vista Insurance Agency, serving the greater Vista, CA area, we help to make finding a new health insurance policy as easy as possible. When you are looking for a new policy, contact us to learn how to get started. 

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~Community Service Volunteer Project ~ and Morgan’s 50th Birthday December 2022!

We were at it again! Back to the North County San Diego Food Bank Vista branch location to volunteer as a group. Afterwards we took a little “R-&-R” at Belching Beaver PUB 980 – Where I highly recommend the BBQ chicken flat bread. Also, everyone really liked the “Nitro Stout Peanut Butter Ale,” Sounds Yummy!

From left to right: Jim & Tandy Owen, Holly Bishop, Nancy Trejo (Safec), Diane Nagle(Mercury), Morgan Hege, Beth Walls, and Raymond Lowder

Our Alta Vista Insurance Agency team were joined by Diane Nagle from Mercury Insurance and Nancy Trejo from Safeco. Two of our favorite carrier partners! It’s great to see the people behind the policies at our carrier relationships out in the community making a difference for the kids that need it. THANK YOU BOTH NANCY FROM SAFECO and DIANE FROM MERCURY!

In the 2 hours we were there, we were able to complete 477 bags to go out to various middle schools around North San Diego County for kids with food insecurity to be able to take home over the weekend when they don’t have access to free and reduced lunch service at their school. We were “Group 1” and completed 214 of the bags, and “Group 2” completed 263. But really the kids are the winners!

Did I mention it was also my 50th birthday? Thank you everyone on our team for the happy birthday wishes! You all make working together a lot of fun! I appreciate each and every one one of you!

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Happy Holidays To The Boys and Girls Club of Vista

All the gifts provided by our wonderful staff before we pack them in Santa’s sleigh. (Santa drives a Subaru Outback in this story)

The holidays are here! As Christmas approaches and the hustle and bustle of the year comes to a close, we reflect on the many things we’re thankful for and take some time to be with our family and friends. For some of us the true meaning of the holidays is not the gifts we “receive” but the gift of “giving” that leaves us with a warm feeling in our hearts like a batch of cookies right from the oven.

Every year at this time our agency participates in the “Adopt a Family” program with the Boys and Girls Club of Vista, a local charity right in our community that we’ve been working with since 2017. Each year we are assigned a family that are members of the Boys and Girls Club who are in need of support around the holidays. We get a wish list of presents for each child and some items and gift certificates for the parents to make their holiday season a little brighter.

This year we have a large family that we were paired up with and all of our staff stepped up and went above and beyond! Clothes, toys, games, puzzles, gift cards, are just of the few items the kids requested on their lists and our team at Alta Vista Insurance went out and picked up all the items and much more. The presents, gifts, and gift cards were stacked in Santa’s sack tightly, we almost needed to take two trips in our sleigh.

When we arrived at the Boys and Girls Club of Vista, California, the staff were overwhelmed by the amount of presents we brought. They were so excited to make this family’s holiday season one to remember. Knowing that we can make a positive impact right here in our own community around the holidays is one of the ways we like to give back and support our local Vista, California community. As a local small business, we work with our clients and customers here in San Diego, California helping them protect their assets as their trusted insurance advisor and there are so many people that need help and support you don’t have to look very far. There are people right in our own community that are in need and we are very thankful to work with such a great cause. Working with the Boys and Girls Club of Vista is such a wonderful organization to work with and this program is just one way we help to ensure that the youth who attend the club have the resources they need to prepare for great futures.

I’m so proud to work with a staff that values the importance of community service and takes time out of their busy schedules to support the local charities we work with and give back through our service projects and charitable donations. We always make an effort to take time each year to give back to our local Vista, California community. As we spend time with our family and friends around the holidays, it’s nice to know we were able to make a small impact to make another family’s holiday season a little brighter.

The Boys and Girls Club of Vista meets the needs of over 2,800 kids a year, many from families who are of lower/moderate income households that rely exclusively on the broad range of services the Club provides. our mission is to empower every Club member, though safe and impactful experiences to graduate high school with a plan for college and career, contribute to their community, and live a healthy life. We rely on community members who fill the gas so the Club can provide these services to Vista’s kids. Member pay $50 a year to join, but the actual cost is $702/child.

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How can a business benefit from having a commercial insurance plan?

Vista, CA has continued to be a good place to be a small business owner. When you are a business owner here, you will enjoy a strong population base and economy. While there is a lot of demand for businesses here, there are always risks that come with running a company. A great way that you can mitigate these risks is by getting a commercial insurance plan as they benefit companies in various ways. 

Why Commercial Insurance?

Cover Assets

One of the top reasons to get a commercial insurance plan for your business is so you can cover your assets. Businesses today need to ensure they are properly protecting their core assets. One very effective way that this can be done is by getting the right insurance. If you have a commercial plan, it will provide support if you incur a loss due to theft, accident damage, or another covered claim. 

Reduce the Risk of Being Named Liable

You should also consider getting a commercial insurance plan as it could help to reduce your risk of being liable for damages. There are always situations that present liability risks for small businesses. If you are found liable for an accident, the cost of damages can be significant. However, a commercial policy will offer the protection you need to cover these claims.

Get The Right Coverage Today

There are clear benefits that come with getting a commercial insurance policy. If you are looking for this coverage in the Vista, CA area, it would be helpful to call Alta Vista Insurance Agency. There are always big choices to make when looking for this coverage and Alta Vista Insurance Agency can help you build your ideal plan. We take a customized approach to help you assess your options and build a plan that will meet your needs. 

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New Requirements For California Commercial Property Investors

As a commercial property owner, you want to make sure that your most valuable real estate assets in your portfolio are properly protected. But you also want to make sure that you’re complying with all of your insurance companies guidelines and maintaining your buildings so you can prevent future losses.

The California insurance marketplace has been experiencing unprecedent turmoil over the past few years. California insurance companies have suffered major losses over the last 5 years resulting in billions of dollars in damage due to the catastrophic wildfires and major water losses.

It’s caused many insurance companies to change their underwriting guidelines, increase their rates, no longer accept business in certain locations in the state, and go out of business. We call this a hard market in the insurance industry, and it could last for several years.

One of the best ways to prevent future losses and stay in compliance with your insurance company is to follow specific guidelines when maintaining your property which also mitigates future losses.
We’ve gathered research with our top insurance companies to find out what the mandatory requirements are for commercial buildings in California and we’re going to share these tips with you so you can stay out of harm’s way and help prevent any future losses.

As a commercial real estate investor, the last thing you want is an insurance company to decide they no longer want to insure your building due to failing to meet the mandatory requirements, not providing proof of updates to your building, or being out of compliance with certain maintenance issues. If you receive documentation or a renewal questionnaire from your insurance company, return the information to them immediately. You can also give us a call or schedule an appointment with us, and we can review the possible exposures to your building.
Here are some of the new mandatory requirements for commercial buildings in California.

  • Older buildings, built before 1990, may require data and documentation of upgrades to the electrical, plumbing, roofs, and heating.
  • If your building has Zinsco or Federal Pacific electrical panels and breakers, they need to be replaced. They are old and outdated and have been found to have a defective design that is prone to over-current and arcing, and do not meet underwriting standards anymore. Zinsco panels and breakers are no longer in production and replacement parts have been proven to be unreliable. The panels present an unacceptable life safety and fire hazard. Unfortunately, replacement of these panels is required with most insurance companies.
  • Installation of GFCI (ground gault circuit interrupter) receptacles must be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, garages, and on outdoor receptacles. As an alternative GFCI breakers can be installed in the electrical panels to provide protection for these circuits. Remember to consult an electrician to inspection the system and perform repairs that meet the local electrical codes.
  • Swimming pools need to be fenced and gated with self-locking gates. Gates should automatically close, latch and lock when released. Also, the handle and hardware must be ADA compliant. It must be of a proper height and have a handle on both sides of the gate. No round knobs should be installed.
  • Fire extinguishers in the building must be fully charged and in good condition. A fire extinguisher maintenance company must service and inspect all fire extinguishers on the property on an annual basis and the service tag should be attached to each unit. Also, there should be no cracked, broken, or missing glass in the fire extinguisher cases.
  • Railings need to be no less than 42” which is the minimum standard or the current building codes in CA. In the past five inch spacing was allowed, but no longer. Call us if you have questions about this. Make sure that all vertical railings on balconies and stairways are a minimum of 42”.
  • It’s recommended but not required to prevent water damage the pressure relief valves on the hot water heaters need to be plumbed so they water can exit the building. You can also install drain pains and pressure relief valves plumbed into the pans.

These are some of the new mandatory requirements insurance companies have implemented in California for placing new insurance business and at renewal of a commercial property insurance policy. Many insurers of commercial property in California are sending out renewal questionnaires and reinspecting buildings to make sure commercial property owners are complying with these new requirements. If they identify the building needs repairs, updates, or maintenance they will require the property owner to make the necessary changes to the building to continue coverage or place new business.

As a commercial property specialist, we want to make you are educated on these changes and you have the proper protection for your commercial real estate portfolio. If you have questions or need additional information, click the link below to schedule an appointment with one of our commercial agents.

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Is it time to upgrade the property insurance policy protecting your local business?

Business owners in Vista, CA can turn to the team at Alta Vista Insurance Agency. We have the experience necessary to help our commercial clients protect their businesses. Contact our team today and set up a time to learn more about our services. 

Is it time for an upgrade to your property insurance?

When it comes to property insurance, it can be difficult to tell exactly how much you need. As a business grows and becomes more established and successful, its insurance needs also increase. Protecting a business through a robust property insurance policy is an effective way to gain the coverage you need.

Upgrading a property insurance policy is usually necessary every few years. As more equipment is purchased, inventory levels increase, or there is more liability risk, the need for an increased amount of coverage becomes apparent. There’s no good reason to procrastinate when it comes to giving your property coverage a boost.

Now is an ideal time to make any necessary changes to your property insurance policy. Sit down with a trusted insurance expert and learn more about your current coverage, identify any gaps, and decide if it’s time to upgrade your policy. It can be surprising to learn how many business owners are unsure of their exact property insurance policy and exactly what coverage it provides. If it’s time for a property insurance upgrade, there’s no reason to wait.  

We look forward to working with you

Alta Vista Insurance Agency is here for business owners in Vista, CA and the surrounding area. If you have questions about property insurance, we are here to answer them. Contact our office today to set up a time to talk about all of your commercial insurance needs. 

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Why Having Renters Insurance Is Important

Is renters insurance coverage necessary? This is a question that we get a lot here at Alta Vista Insurance Agency in Vista, CA. After all, if this is not your property, shouldn’t it be the landlord’s responsibility to protect it? But our answer will always remain a resounding yes!

Here’s why renters need to purchase this type of coverage:

Protects Your Personal Belongings

Take a look at all the items you have in your home. If disaster was to strike, how would you replace your electronics, furniture, appliances, and clothes? No one predicts things like fire or theft, yet they happen. Purchasing renters insurance allows you to protect all these items because you’re covered should you be exposed to risks.

Your Landlord Insurance Doesn’t Cover You

Most tenants assume their landlords’ insurance coverage extends to them, but that’s not true. The landlord’s policy is specifically for the structure itself. If the common area or fence is damaged in an accident, your landlord’s policy will cover that. But how about your personal items? Those are your responsibility, and you need coverage for that.

Protects you Against Liability Claims

If a visitor gets hurt in your home, you are required to cover their medical bills. And if they sue you, you will have no option but to pay the following legal fees. Renters insurance takes this burden from you through liability coverage. If someone gets injured on your premises, the policy will cover the resulting expenses up to your liability limit.

Coverage for Additional Living Expenses

At times, the damage to your home can be so bad that you have to move out as the house is repaired. In such cases, your policy will cover expenses like accommodation, transport, and food.

Get Renters Insurance Today

As you can see, renters insurance is necessary to protect your assets and peace of mind. If you’re renting in the greater Vista, CA community, get in touch with Alta Vista Insurance Agency and get started on important insurance coverage.

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National Insurance Industry Council – Spirit of Life Honoree – City of Hope Gala 2022

City of Hope Gala – Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Paul Patterson along with Sandi Grigg from The Hartford Insurance invited my wife and I from Alta Vista Insurance along with our friends Brandon and Justina Strausbaugh from Pauma Valley Insurance to the 2022 City of Hope Gala.

National Insurance Industry Council | Spirit of Life Honoree | City of Hope

The Spirit of Life® Award is City of Hope’s most prestigious honor, presented to an esteemed community of industry leaders around the world who have made a significant commitment to support those in need. Honorees are selected for their notable contributions to the community in which they live and the profession in which they work. This year, the National Insurance Industry Council (NIIC) honors Joel Cavaness, President, Risk Placement Services.

We were able to “Rise our paddle” for Lung Cancer Research performed at City of Hope and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Truly a special evening, for a very special cause.

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Feeding School kids with the Food Bank North County Vista Branch!

We are back at it again!

Breaking the Rules! Beth Walls, Sandi Grigg, Vira Rodriguez, Jim Owen, Holly Bishop and Raymond Lowder fill over 500 meal bags! Recorded by Morgan Hege

Last Friday, September 9th, 2022 we shut down the office early at noon to go help our community by volunteering at the North County San Diego Food Bank again! We had a ton of fun back in June helping put together meals for those with food insecurity here in Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, that we decided to come back for round 2 and put together over 500 meals for students at risk from Valley Elementary in Poway and Cesar Chavez from San Diego Unified.

How was it George? He was perspiring, or as Geo likes to say; “perspering” The whole team with Vira Rodriguez, commercial lines account manager, Sandi GriggThe Hartford Insurance, and George Francis all were “perspiring” after assembling more than 500 meals for youth in our community. Holly Bishop didn’t want to be on camera! But here are are few video clips from our adventure!

Also, we got Natalie, our Food Bank Volunteer Coordinator to smile “ear to ear” in her own words with all the work we did to help feed our community in North San Diego County Food Bank! The schools we Valley Elementary in Poway, and Cesar Chavez for San Diego Unified School District. 300 and change, and we did two orders of 500 each (so 1,000 meals to food insecure kid-o’s here in our community) Watch the clip here.

Thank you to everyone that came out for the event. We will do something else fun and of service some time late in 2022. Until then, stay safe, stay well, and have a great fall season!

Pacific Plastics was also on scene to serve! We were excited to give back to the community with them too. If you need injection molding here in Vista, they are your ticket! Fun folks, that know how to work the line!

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