Commercial Insurance in California

Commercial Insurance Requirements in California

If you own a business in California with any number of employees - regardless of whether they are full time or part-time - state law requires that you have a commercial insurance policy with workers' compensation included. In short, workers' compensation insurance covers the cost of medical bills associated with an employee's injury while on the job. In addition to workers' compensation insurance, California also requires businesses to carry commercial auto insurance if the company owns the vehicle. On that policy, you must bear state minimum coverage for the following: property damage liability and bodily injury liability with coverage for both one and multiple persons.

When it comes to an employee utilizing their personal vehicle for work purposes, like a pizza delivery driver, California does not require that separate insurance be carried. However, it is highly recommended that business owners supplement their employee's existing auto policy with hired and non-owned auto insurance because most personal auto policies exclude business use from their coverage.

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