Our Process

Our Process – Helping You Reach New Heights

Vision and Fit Shopping for insurance does not have to be a difficult, confusing, and time-consuming process. We have simplified it! Our three-step process helps you protect what you already have, build your wealth, and achieve financial freedom. We start with getting to know you and your goals, so we can understand your vision and find you the right fit. At the same time, we will share with you our process to manage your risk and protect your lifestyle. If you choose to proceed, we will then start our information gathering process.

VIP Needs-Based Analysis We strive to bring you the same level of expertise and service to you that other firms only offer to their largest VIP clients. To us, all our clients are VIP's! We provide practical advice that can be applied specifically to your unique circumstance and situation. Book an appointment with one of our trusted insurance agents to start your Needs-Based Analysis today. We begin with a comprehensive needs based analysis designed to assess your risk exposure and risk tolerance. We have created a proprietary computer-based system to help generate a personalized holistic profile based off your risk profile. It is all about you, our client. You may begin your needs-based analysis online, over the phone, or in a virtual meeting with one of our licensed professionals. Our system positions you to better understand the risk in your life, how to minimize those risks, and how best to protect against financial loss. With a completed comprehensive needs-based analysis in hand, it is our goal to act as your financial protection guide and trusted insurance adviser.