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Avoiding Umbrella Insurance Pitfalls

Alta Vista Insurance Agency acknowledges the essential need that many Carlsbad, CA, businesses have for umbrella insurance to protect themselves from extensive financial loss. Unfortunately, there’s a high tendency to make errors while procuring these policies. This article aims to enlighten you on potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Opting for Insufficient Coverage

The coverage offered by umbrella insurance policies can differ greatly based on the provider and your business’s individual needs. Not all coverage provides equal protection; some offer more extensive and comprehensive levels. Do your research to ensure you’re getting adequate protection.

Assuming Comprehensive Protection

Umbrella policies are typically designed to augment liability coverage and provide extra support where general liability falls short. For example, it can cover defamation or false arrest instances. However, deliberate or criminal acts will not be covered, underlining the importance of understanding the policy’s extent.

Delaying Purchase

Many assume they can obtain an umbrella policy when danger looms; however, you cannot buy coverage for an event that has already happened. Timely purchase of this additional liability is vital to ensure comprehensive protection.

Delays in Making a Claim

It is essential to make a claim on your umbrella insurance promptly, as delays may increase the probability of denial by your insurance company. That’s a scenario you’d prefer to avoid.

Professional Help is Here

At Alta Vista Insurance Agency, we can provide Carlsbad, CA businesses with the insurance they need to stay safe. We aim to minimize the risks associated with umbrella coverage. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can suit your business’s needs.