Renters Insurance in California

At Alta Vista Insurance Agency in Vista, CA, we provide excellence in service. Our agents in California are available to provide you with information about coverage that’s available to you and discuss what’s prudent for you to have when it comes to renter's insurance.

Most people know that when you buy a home, you need homeowner’s insurance. What most people don’t realize, however, is that it’s required for a good reason: Because Insurance Makes Sense!

When a home buyer secures a mortgage, the lender requires the procurement of insurance, to protect the bank’s investment. It is smart for the homeowner to purchase coverage that covers more than the dwelling. There’s usually language and coverage that offers protection for the contents inside the house. People buy insurance to protect their assets. They have something to lose in the event of a named peril, such as flood, fire, theft, hurricane, earthquake, wind, and mold.

The risk of loss from those perils isn’t exclusive to homeowners. Renters also face the potential loss of property from those same hazards. So, why don’t tenants buy renter’s insurance? Excellent question! A landlord will typically have a property insurance policy to protect their asset, the property. That’s all their policy covers, though. The tenant’s personal property is usually left unprotected, unless, of course, the landlord requires the tenant to procure coverage. Or unless the individual renter knows about renter’s insurance.

What is Renter’s Insurance?

It typically covers all of a tenant’s personal property inside the rented premises. If you lost everything in a fire, flood, or some type of storm, would you have the money to replace everything? Everything, including furniture, pots and pans, clothing. It all adds up. There are different limits and terms available to protect tenant’s property in rented space.

Our agents are well-educated in all lines of insurance coverage. We’d love to discuss renter’s insurance with you. We can help you understand the different perils that exist in California and how you can protect your personal property with insurance. Different limits can be purchased with different deductible levels.

Call Alta Vista Insurance today to discuss why purchasing renter’s insurance makes sense for you. We are available at our Vista, CA office, and we can help you protect your assets.