Home Insurance in California

There's nothing better than having a warm, cozy home to come back to after a long day at work. If you want to make sure your home is protected no matter what, home insurance from Alta Vista Insurance Agency in Vista, CA can help.

Is Home Insurance Required?

As you probably know, having some insurance isn't a choice. If you're caught driving without auto insurance in California, for example, you will end up getting a ticket. Home insurance is a little bit tricky because it's not required by state or county law, but there are still situations where you might be required to have it.

If you're still paying off your mortgage, your lender will probably require you to have home insurance. If something happens to your home and you're unable to repay the loan, this ensures the bank gets some money. Even if you've fully paid off your mortgage or your bank isn't requiring you to have home insurance, you should still have it if you want to protect your assets.

Major Repairs

While there are some things you can afford to pay for out of pocket, home repairs aren't always one of them. Replacing a roof or repairing severe structural damage after a storm can cost a lot of money, and home insurance can help you pay for those repairs. Not only does this lift a huge financial burden off your shoulders, but it also helps you stress less when you're dealing with the aftermath of your California home being severely damaged.

Protecting yourself and your home is difficult, but Alta Vista Insurance Agency can help. Our Vista, CA agents can help you find the perfect home insurance to fit your needs. Get a free quote using our rating tool and find out what kind of deals you can get today.