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Avoiding Umbrella Insurance Pitfalls

Alta Vista Insurance Agency acknowledges the essential need that many Carlsbad, CA, businesses have for umbrella insurance to protect themselves from extensive financial loss. Unfortunately, there’s a high tendency to make errors while procuring these policies. This article aims to enlighten you on potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Opting for Insufficient Coverage

The coverage offered by umbrella insurance policies can differ greatly based on the provider and your business’s individual needs. Not all coverage provides equal protection; some offer more extensive and comprehensive levels. Do your research to ensure you’re getting adequate protection.

Assuming Comprehensive Protection

Umbrella policies are typically designed to augment liability coverage and provide extra support where general liability falls short. For example, it can cover defamation or false arrest instances. However, deliberate or criminal acts will not be covered, underlining the importance of understanding the policy’s extent.

Delaying Purchase

Many assume they can obtain an umbrella policy when danger looms; however, you cannot buy coverage for an event that has already happened. Timely purchase of this additional liability is vital to ensure comprehensive protection.

Delays in Making a Claim

It is essential to make a claim on your umbrella insurance promptly, as delays may increase the probability of denial by your insurance company. That’s a scenario you’d prefer to avoid.

Professional Help is Here

At Alta Vista Insurance Agency, we can provide Carlsbad, CA businesses with the insurance they need to stay safe. We aim to minimize the risks associated with umbrella coverage. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can suit your business’s needs.

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Do I need separate umbrella insurance for my auto and property coverage?

Nobody can predict the future. Accidents can happen no matter how careful you are. When you get insurance in Carlsbad, CA, you are trusting that you are protected when something unexpected happens. Unfortunately, your current policy may not be enough to protect you from serious financial consequences.

At Alta Vista Insurance Agency, we understand how devastating it can be to discover you aren’t as well protected as you thought. If you have umbrella insurance, that policy will not take effect until your other policies max out. At that point, though, your umbrella policy will start paying the difference.

Here are some examples where people used their umbrella policy when their stand policy was not enough:

  • An auto insurance policy has set amounts that can be paid out in case of property damage or personal injury. Included in that are the additional amounts of money from court fees, the victim’s lost wages, and other damages. In a serious accident, your standard auto insurance is unlikely to come close to paying off the full amount.
  • If someone is seriously injured on your property, there could be extensive medical bills and lost wages. Your umbrella policy will step up when you hit the maximum on your property insurance.
  • Umbrella insurance also protects you from things other insurance does not cover, such as libel (an injurious written statement), slander (an injurious spoken statement), and false arrest or malicious prosecution.

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At Alta Vista Insurance Agency, we want you to experience the peace of mind you deserve. With the right insurance, you can relax knowing that if anything happens to your home or business in Carlsbad, CA, you have the protection you need. Call today so we can show you how affordable it is.

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Three things you’ll like about umbrella insurance

It’s great to have umbrella insurance if you want complete protection of your assets. You can get umbrella insurance coverage from Alta Vista Insurance Agency. We are an insurance provider offering coverage to consumers in Vista, CA. 

Here are three things that you’ll like about having umbrella insurance:

Umbrella insurance helps you to avoid stress about finances.

Avoiding stress is one of the best things about umbrella insurance. If you don’t have umbrella insurance, you may worry about the future because you might be at risk financially.

When you carry umbrella insurance, you don’t have to stress out about the future because you’ll be financially prepared even if you face a costly lawsuit. 

Umbrella insurance protects your assets.

Your assets can be lost due to lawsuit expenses if you are not carrying umbrella insurance. This is a devastating experience because you’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets and become successful financially.

Fortunately, it’s easy to make sure that your assets are completely protected if you buy enough umbrella insurance coverage.  

Umbrella insurance can prevent risk when you enjoy activities that you love.

Individuals who enjoy engaging in certain activities that may put them at risk of being sued really need to have umbrella insurance. 

If you engage in activities like coaching kids sports or boating, you really should have umbrella insurance to protect you in case you end up getting sued at some point in the future. 

We Are Here To Help!

If you’re ready to get quotes on umbrella insurance policies available to you in the greater Vista, CA community, call us at Alta Vista Insurance Agency. We’re here to assist you with meeting your insurance coverage needs so that you enjoy secure finances. 

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How Umbrella Insurance Works

Umbrella insurance is a unique type of coverage that works along with other types of insurance to boost those policies. When you already have home and auto insurance, it’s helpful to also have an umbrella policy to make those policies stronger when it comes to liability insurance. When you want to be well-covered by your home and auto insurance, it’s smart to get an umbrella policy to increase your coverage.

Safeco Personal Umbrella Coverage

When you are interested in getting an umbrella insurance policy, give us a call at Alta Vista Insurance Agency in Vista, CA.

Boost Your Liability Coverage

Once you already have home and auto insurance, you may not have as much liability coverage as you think. Often, these policies come with little liability protection, and that’s where umbrella policies come in. Adding more liability coverage to both your home and auto policies can be highly expensive. It can prohibit many people from getting the coverage they need. But with umbrella insurance, you can do the same thing at a much lower cost. This insurance adds more liability coverage that you need to pay for expensive medical bills after an accident. 

Paying the Overage

When an accident happens that you are liable for, your auto or home policy will step in to pay as much as it can toward the medical bills and other expenses that you owe for the other person’s injuries. However, it will meet its limit and stop paying. If it stops paying while there are still more bills to pay, you will be responsible for that overage. When you have umbrella insurance, it will pay that overage to protect you financially. 

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you want to be better protected against liability, talk to an agent about umbrella insurance. Call us at 1-888-724-2124 for a quote from Alta Vista Insurance Agency in Vista, CA.

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How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is a unique type of insurance that is helpful in a number of situations. To find out more about how it works, call us today at Alta Vista Insurance Agency in Vista, CA and talk with an agent. 

Home Insurance

If you already have a home insurance policy, you may know some of the coverage types it includes as well as some of the amounts. However, many people don’t pay much attention to the amount of liability coverage they have. The typical home insurance policy has a small amount of liability coverage, but it often isn’t enough to pay the bills if there were a serious accident that occurred for the third party inside your home. To get more of this coverage, you can get an umbrella policy. It adds more liability coverage to the coverage you already have through your home insurance policy. 

Auto Insurance

Just as an umbrella policy adds to the liability of your home insurance, it also adds liability coverage to your auto policy. Serious auto accidents can cause enormous amounts in medical and property damage bills. If you don’t have much coverage, you are simply responsible for the overage. But with umbrella insurance, you get a higher amount of liability coverage. 

An Umbrella Insurance Policy

Once an accident happens, your home or auto policy, depending on where the accident happens, will pay for the resulting bills that you are liable for. Once your home or auto policy is maxed out, the rest of the amount you owe is paid for by your umbrella insurance. This can save you financially after an accident that results in serious injuries. 

Get Your Umbrella Coverage

If you already have an auto and home policy and need more liability coverage, consider getting an umbrella policy. Contact us at Alta Vista Insurance Agency in Vista, CA to find out more. 

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Coverage vs. Coverage: How does your liability policy stack up?

In the event something happens to someone else your liability insurance can protect you. 

If you own a home, drive a car, own a business, sell something, hire someone for a job, or other related activities, you have exposure to losses. Carrying a liability policy will provide money for damages to other parties in the event you are liable for injuries or expenses associated with a claim like investigation costs, legal representation, or other expenses.  

Liability insurance is a way to protect your lifestyle and assets from being taken in a judgment.

What would happen if someone sued you and they won? 


What if a judgment was rendered against you and it wasn’t covered by your liability policy; like your homeowner’s liability or general liability if you own a business? 

You may have to liquidate assets, a lien could be placed on your properties if they are exposed, your wages could be garnished, etc. One lawsuit could completely change your lifestyle. That is why umbrella and excess liability insurance is MUST for everyone.  

Both umbrella and excess insurance are designed as an additional layer of protection above primary insurance policies, like homeowners, auto, commercial general liability, and commercial auto.

Which is better? 
What type of policy do I have?
Should I purchase more insurance?

Let’s look at these policies and see how they stack up against each other.

An umbrella policy has two types of coverage; coverage above other insurance policies (that’s the underlying insurance) and coverage for liability exposures for which there is no underlying insurance.

Watch this short video about the importance of umbrella insurance for your personal assets.

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According to the ISO CU 00 01 insuring agreement for coverage A,


“we will pay on behalf of the insured the “ultimate net loss,” in excess of the “retained limit” because of “bodily injury” or “property damage” to which this insurance applies. We will have the right and duty to defend the insured against any “suit” seeking damages for such “bodily injury” or “property damage” when the “underlying insurance” does not provide coverage or the limits of “underlying insurance” have been exhausted.”

The insuring agreement adds two terms that are not seen in general liability policies; “ultimate net loss” and “retained limit”.  

Ultimate net loss” means the total sum, after reduction for recoveries or salvages collectible, that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages by reason of settlement or judgements or any arbitration or other alternate dispute method entered into with our consent or the underlying insurer’s consent. 

Retained limit” means the available limits of “underlying insurance” scheduled in the Declarations or the “self-insured retention,” whichever applies. Self-insured retention is the dollar amount listed in the declarations page that will be paid by the insured before this insurance becomes applicable, like a deductible, only with respect to “occurrences” or offenses not covered by the “underlying insurance”. The self-insured retention applies for the exhaustion of applicable underlying limits.

This policy is the reigning “pound for pound” champion. It combines both technique and talent to protect insureds from loss. 

No matter whether it’s a loss covered by an underlying policy or a loss that is not covered by an underlying policy, the umbrella insurance policy will be victorious and protect the insured. 

Now, let’s look at the opponent, the excess insurance policy. The first disadvantage we can see is in the insuring agreement. This policy only has one skill or insuring agreement. 

“We will pay on behalf of the insured the “ultimate net loss” in excess of the “retained limit” because of “injury or damage” to which insurance provided under this Coverage Part applies. We will have the right to defend the insured against any suit seeking damages for such “injury or damage” when the applicable limits of “controlling underlying insurance” have been exhausted in accordance with the provisions of such “controlling underlying insurance”.  

Again, we need to look at the terms so we can define what is covered. “Ultimate net loss” means the total sum, after reduction for recoveries, or salvages collectible, that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages by reason of:  

  • Settlements, judgements, binding arbitration, or  
  • other binding alternate dispute resolution proceeding entered into with our consent. 

Ultimate net loss” includes defense expenses if the “controlling underlying insurance” specifies that limits are reduced by defense expenses. 

There are many different types of insurance policies that can provide coverage here. Even policies that include defense costs like cyber liability or professional liability.  

So, an excess policy can provide protection with many different types of insurance policies BUT there must be an underlying policy that provides coverage. If there is NO underlying policy, the excess insurance is powerless. 

Controlling underlying insurance” means any policy of insurance or self-insurance listed in the Declarations under the Schedule of “controlling underlying insurance.” Controlling is critical. It means the underlying insurance controls how coverage applies.

Umbrella and excess insurance policies are additional layers of protection above primary insurance policies. However, when we put them in the ring against each other, we can see they are not the same.  The umbrella is the stronger more well-rounded policy.  

In conclusion, the umbrella policy can be used to cover some losses when there is NO insurance. The excess policy only covers losses that are covered by the other insurance policies that exist as primary insurance.  

Now, it’s always important to read the entire policy. There are exclusions, conditions, and definitions that you should review with your agent in order to determine which protection you need. 

To find out how you can add another layer of protection for your lifestyle or business, schedule an appointment with one of our agents for a FREE needs-based analysis. 

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What’s Under the Umbrella?

What’s Under the Umbrella? ☂

Of course, you don’t need to insure your umbrella.

But umbrella insurance will provide another protective layer over your personal assets. Not only that, it may even cover some things that car and homeowners insurance policies don’t protect you against. If you’ve got a lot to lose, this kind of coverage may be the most affordable way to protect yourself.

    1. Extra Liability Insurance
      Liability limits on typical home and auto policies are fairly modest when compared to the value of new homes and cars. Clients can purchase umbrella insurance in increments for the right amount of extra protection at the right price.
    1. Legal Defense 
      You have a legal right to defend yourself against claims of injury or loss, but lawyers are expensive. Not only will umbrella insurance help you pay claims, it can help pay for legal defense.
  1. Extra Coverage 
    Some umbrella insurance policies can get modified to cover more unusual risks that are not typically mentioned in an ordinary policy like personal injury or wrongful eviction.

What You Need to Know

When considering an umbrella, it’s important to understand how much coverage you currently have. In order to qualify for an umbrella policy, your auto insurance liability limits need to be a minimum of $250,000 per individual/$500,000 per occurrence. If you own or rent a property, your premises liability needs to be $500,000.

Investment properties, watercrafts, recreational vehicles and even a structure like a pool are all additional exposures If you have assets like these you should consider purchasing a personal liability umbrella.

Your house, retirement fund, and other assets could be vulnerable to a liability claim.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the reasons you need umbrella insurance.

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