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Who should get a health insurance plan in Vista?

If you are in the Vista, CA area, there are many forms of insurance that you should consider obtaining. One of the most important forms of coverage to consider getting is health insurance. This coverage can help ensure that you have access to affordable healthcare. There are several situations when someone here should get a health insurance plan. 

When Looking for Access to Care

The main situation when someone should get health insurance is when they are looking for access to affordable care. Seeing a doctor, getting prescription medication, and receiving more significant medical care when needed is important. If you have a health insurance plan, you will have access to affordable care when you need it. This can help to save you money and stay healthy.

When Looking to Comply with Law

While it is important to have health insurance to ensure you have access to care. You may also need coverage to comply with the law. For the past several years, all people have been required by law to carry health insurance. If you do not have evidence of coverage throughout the year, you could be penalized. These penalties are frequently applied at the end of the year when you file a tax return and need to provide evidence of coverage. 

Having health insurance in the Vista, CA area is always critical. As you are looking for a health insurance plan, you will quickly find that there are many options to consider. If you are in the market for a new health insurance plan, calling Alta Vista Insurance Agency can be very helpful. The Alta Vista Insurance Agency team understands the value and importance of this coverage and can offer the support you need to choose a new policy. 

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Do You Want To Save Time or Money? Pick Both!

We live in a new world where everything is online. We can go to WebMD and self diagnose ourselves before we go to the doctor and get her professional opinion. How often are we convinced that we have some unthinkable disease thanks to our own research, only to find out it’s not as bad as we thought? Or when shopping for a new car, we read every online review study the stats before we finally go test drive the car. And we know more about the car than the salesman!

The same is true when shopping for a health insurance plan. The truth is, you know what is most important to you. Low monthly premium, low max out of pocket, brand name prescription drug coverage, generally everyone has a specific issue that is most important to them when shopping. When we are shopping we may log in to several sites, see the rates, compare to several other sites, try to get free ObamaCare online, (Which doesn’t exist for most of us) Finally we call an agent. And we may either know what we want, or at least know what questions we want answered. Sometimes though, just like when you were sure you had West Nile Virus, and it turned out to be the common cold or when you thought we wanted that sports car until youdrove it. You may be pleasantly surprised when you finally do speak to a knowledgeable insurance professional about our insurance. The truth is, there are hundreds of plans in multiple competitive markets. There are ways to get coverage even after open enrollment periods have closed. And the price, although high, is more affordable than a hospital stay without insurance. So save yourself some time, and call us to discuss your health insurance needs, wants, and budget. We offer on exchange plans as well as off exchange plans. Individual and Family based plans, as well as Small Business Group Plans. We look forward to saving you time and money.

Why not choose both? 

Click Here To Save Time AND Money

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Health Insurance Reform and You

Shopping for health insurance has gotten complicated lately. With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, there are more plans and more choices than ever. There are many things to consider. 1) How much Tax Credit Do I qualify for?

2) What is the Individual mandate?

3) and what are the tax penalties for opting out?

Besides the concerns above, you should also consider whether you should buy a plan through a State Exchange (Covered California)? How do you know what plan is the best plan for you? And biggest of all, how much is health insurance going to cost? Making an informed decision for you and your family’s has never been more important.

I invite you to Download my free special report Health insurance reform and You. “7 secrets to get the most out of Obama Care” You’ll be glad you did.

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Personal Insurance Solutions

At this point of the process, we are ready to look at different insurance solutions that best meet your needs. Some insurance agents only work with one insurance company. They only have of one insurance product to offer you. The problem with that strategy is that if the only tool you have is a hammer, then all the problems you face look like nails.


The cornerstone of home’s protection is a homeowners policy. Homeowners insurance policies typically cover fire. In California the standard homeowners insurance also covers wind and burst pipes. However, most homeowners insurance policies don’t offer protection for external flood, earthquake, landslide or water seepage. When insuring your property, it is very important to have a comprehensive needs based analysis conversation.


The typical car insurance policy covers your liability, which protects you from lawsuites. Personal injury insures you if someone else is injured by your vehicle. Property Damage protects other vehicles and others property if you cause damage with your vehicle. Comprehensive protects your vehicle from damage other than collision, for example theft and vandalism. Collision protects your auto if it is damaged in an accident.


The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has made a lot of changes to the health insurance landscape. Covered California is the new marketplace for people living in California, looking for coverage through We are authorized certified insurance agents with Covered California. Whether you are looking for individual insurance, or you want to protect your entire family, we can craft a health insurance solution for todays environment that protects your household. For our clients over age 65 we also offer Medi-gap medicare supplement plans, and medicare advantage plans.


Assessing the need for life insurance can be challenging. Do you need life insurance? Should you buy term or permanant insurance? Do you need to only have life insurance for a specific peroid of time, or do you have a need for life insurance for your entire life?


We work with dozens of insurance companies because we are always looking for the best deal for you, our clients. We try to be more diverse in our product offering. By being independent, and not beholden to any one insurance company, we are able to make the best recommendation to you based on what best fits your needs, not the insurance company.

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What is Obamacare? Kirby Thomas has your answers

irby Thomas heads up the Employee Benefits Division at Alta Vista Insurance Agency. This video will help you understand the highly debated healthcare plan: Obamacare. Kirby answers many common questions that you may have on Obamacare and how this healthcare plan will affect you and/or your business. Call him today 888-724-2124.

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