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Property Claims and Your Real Estate Transaction

When your clients buy a home, are they purchasing the dreamy future they hope for, free from property claims?

Would you like to know early on (before you put in heaps of effort) how to avoid issues with your real estate transaction?

Wouldn’t you like to give your clients peace of mind?

Alta Vista Insurance provides our real estate partners with one thing that limits complications during and after the sale.

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For uninformed home-buyers, future property

claims can tack on an unexpected and

unavoidable price tag.

Because a home’s future relates to its past, requesting a free CLUE© report from Alta Vista Insurance Agency will save you and your clients time, money, and worry. Sellers can authorize the release of a C.L.U.E. report as part of the negotiations for the home purchase.

What is it?

C.L.U.E., the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, is a loss history information exchange provided by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Inc. Insurance companies access and use prior loss information in the underwriting process through it. Think of it as “the cloud of claims.”

Where is the information from?

Each month, participating insurers submit loss information to the C.L.U.E. information exchange, which is loaded to the C.L.U.E. database. When you or your insurance company receive a C.L.U.E. report, it includes all losses accessed by the search criteria that were reported to us within seven years of the date of the request. Home warranty claims are not included on a C.L.U.E. report.

How to read the CLUE© report

  1. First, look for claims associated with the address your client is looking at. The report can sometimes show claims filed on another location owned or occupied by the seller. So if the owner has a palace in Pakistan and a town home in Carlsbad, check the address. The sandstorm is definitely unconnected to the Carlsbad address.
  2. Beware of claims frequency rather than severity. Frequent claims indicate a potential ongoing problem your client could inherit. Water losses, mold, fires occurring in the home (not wildfire), and theft or burglary. These types of losses could indicate morale hazards or the home could be in a questionable area.


Buyers and sellers need to be aware of how changing guidelines can affect them when purchasing new insurance or when selling their home. Effective this year, many admitted insurance carriers will decline a risk if there has been a significant water loss (inside water damage, not weather-related) on the property within the last 3-5 years. This would include damage exceeding $2,500. Be aware that typically, losses follow the homeowner who filed the claim, impacting their cost of insurance or insurability when moving to a new location. However, some claims losses in the past cause new homeowners to inherit high insurance costs. Due to the rise in frequency and extensive costs resulting from water damage claims more and more companies are looking at water losses in new business and declining.

In these situations, your client’s insurance costs will go up, potentially making or breaking their willingness to move forward on the purchase.

The cost of the damage is important and can indicate the severity of the incident and the amount paid by the insurance company for the loss. Accidents happen. Just because a property has been impacted by a large claim or series of claims does not mean your client should avoid buying that house. Review the report together and request a disclosure from the sellers about how the claims were resolved. Were all repairs completed and was everything built back to code? Was the home replaced with like kind and quality?

Talk to your insurance agent about the loss(es) that were filed, how the insurance companies handled the claims and how this will impact insurance for the home moving forward.

Call us today as we have access to specialty markets and will find a solution to insurance issues like these.

A smoother real estate transaction is always possible when you partner with Alta Vista Insurance.


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