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Sustainable Self-Improvement in the New Year

Gear Up for the New Y–No, for Today

Recently, I saw a piece of decor that said “I hope your troubles and worries last as long as your new years resolutions.” I laughed.

The trite and unsustainable nature of New Years resolutions make them difficult to take seriously and for me to write about. I know the likelihood of any of us keeping up with our emotions-driven and wind-swept vision of our healthiest, happiest self is slim at best and a blog post like this one has the opportunity to be as yawn-worthy as the rest. 

All sorts of concerns may come to your mind when it comes to new years resolutions–(most of my concerns are covered here, in a blog post from Medium). 

Concerns might include:  the problem of shame associated with missing the mark, unwisely viewing the start the year as the only opportunity to start a goal, setting goals you feel like you should accomplish rather than what you want to accomplish.

Assuming you’re looking for sustainable and healthy growth and possess a personal motivation and hopeful attitude about failure, please enjoy the following. 

We’ve compiled a group of quick starts on your biggest goals, because you’re awesome and have lots of both realized and unrealized potential, as well as areas of improvement and discovery awaiting you right now.

Hopefully, I do not seem overly enthusiastic but I truly hope you see the gold in you because it’s there.

We hope these ideas can encourage you to live an overall better life. May your resolve be to improve the quality of your life so you can share your days with others and help them.

So, without further ado, our compilation of resources to help you with some of the goals people often pursue:

This New Year I’d like to…

… exercise more. (Run or walk a 5k in San Diego or another city. Sign up today to hold yourself to it! Also, if you’re over 50 and wanting to get fit, here’s an article that will help you get fit!)

… try something new (COME SWING DANCING or go on Meetup and search for something you’ve always wanted to do, like Taiko drumming, motocross, knitting, or a Spanish meetup.)

spend time with friends and family (Take the kids out for ice cream and other adventures on the cheapstart a dinner club, put the kids’ games, dance shows, etc on the calendar and get there).

… save more money

… quit smoking (Gamify quitting with this app).

… learn how to rest and care for myself.

… read more (Book club it up. Access free audio books and ebooks on your phone, computer, or tablet through your librarySub our newsletter, we are always putting interesting articles together!)

Think, the starting line is always today, not January 1st (unless today is January 1st then this is a moot point).

Whatever your goal is, go get ’em, tiger.

Helping you reach new heights,

Alta Vista Insurance