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Farm and Ranch Insurance

Our Farm & Ranch coverage is one the most comprehensive and affordable coverage plans in the industry. It starts with the basics – your home, your farm or ranch, and your assets – and can extend to cover your personal and work vehicles, your crops, and even your livestock. You can even pick and choose the niche coverage you need, including natural disasters, identity fraud, animal collision and more.

Each year there are an average of 22 deaths per 100,000 farmers and ranchers nationwide. Accordingly, the National Safety Council lists farming as the second highest hazardous occupation in the United States, second only to mining.

At Alta Vista Insurance, we can even help you with liability coverage as well. Our flexible Farm & Ranch liability coverage can cover personal and farm liability, when you need it and as you need it. This extends to family farm partnerships, corporations, and trusts and can cover everything from your home to your heavy machinery to your livestock.

We can fold all of your coverage into one, all-encompassing policy, saving you time and money. In fact, with our Common Loss of Deductible clause you only pay one deductible if the same unfortunate event damages multiple pieces of property covered by separate policies. That’s our level of commitment to your protection – and your prosperity.

Contact us today to find out how we can customize our Farm & Ranch coverage to suit your needs.

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Winery Insurance

Alta Vista Insurance – your trusted source for winery insurance.

Alta Vista Insurance has a unique knowledge and passion for the wine-making industry. Insuring wineries is complex and if your insurance agent doesn’t understand the process of making wine, how are you going to be completely protected?

Our personal service and commercial insurance experience, combined with our knowledge and understanding of the wine-making industry, allows us to offer comprehensive winery insurance and vineyard insurance coverage.

Vineyard and Winery Insurance may cover the following:

  • Outdoor vines, growing grapes and trellises
  • Harvested grapes
  • Packaging materials and containers
  • Damage to in-process and aging wine goods
  • Wine leakage
  • Wine contamination
  • Loss or damage to outdoor trees, plants, shrubs

If you already have a winery insurance policy, we can help you identify gaps that may exist in your current coverage and help you take the proper steps towards better securing your winery.

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7th Annual Oceanside Pacific Kiwanis Beach Fun Day 2014

This is a video complied of great moments that took place during the 7th Annual “Beach Fun Day” at the Oceanside Harbor. The Kiwanis Club of Oceanside serves the community of Oceanside, California. We are a group of dedicated individuals who strive to improve our community and help the children of the world through fund raising events and volunteer work for various charitable organizations.

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Data Breaches Mounting: Reviewing Cyber Liability Coverage

California businesses and government agencies have experienced 300 separate data breaches exposing the personal information of more than 20 million customer accounts. Cyber security is a key focus on our state’s top crime-fighting. Call us today and get your business protected with Cyber Liability Insurance! 1-888-724-2124

Good Afternoon,  I’m George Francis President and CEO of Alta Vista Insurance Agency. Today I was going to do an article on “Business Income.” But I changed my mind after reading many articles in the various trade magazines I get, and from looking at a news article in today’s paper from the attorney general for the state of California, Carmella Harris. She indicated in the past year they had 300 separate data breach incidents reported to her office. Which is a 30% increase over 2012. It impacted over 20,000,000 people. And this doesn’t include Target and Neiman Marcus (data breaches), which you know about.

Data Breach impacts smaller companies as well. Our agency had 2 computers impacted by malware where they locked up the computer and demanded that we pay $300 for them to unlock it, or they would destroy the data on the computer. Luckily our IT guy was able to get rid of the (bad) information.

That’s kidnapping. And that happens all the time. But in addition to that, all of the data in your system is vulnerable. So we highly recommend that you talk to your insurance professional, or give us a call because data breach liability insurance is available.

One of the questions that you may want to ask yourself is, “Can you afford $50-$150 to notify every single person in your data base that’s been breached?”  It’s a significant amount of money and it’s required.

I want to thank you, and I look forward to talking to you in the future. If you have any questions, please give me a call 1-888-724-2124.

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The 2013 OCHSA Championship Vista Insurance Agency is proud to support OCHSA. The Orange County Horse Show Association promotes quality horse shows for Orange County Riders. OCHSA offers beginner and advanced exhibitors the opportunity to learn and show at quality horse shows in and around Orange County. OCHSA is built for hunters and jumpers alike and offers equitation and medal classes for junior and adult amateur riders. By working closely with horse show managers for quality control, OCHSA works to assure exhibitors of quality facilities at all Orange County approved shows.
For more information about this excellent organization, please visit them online at:

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The 6th Annual Oceanside Pacific Kiwanis “Beach Fun Day””Beach Fun Day” is an annual Oceanside Pacific Kiwanis event where over 200 kids with special needs from Oceanside Unified School District Elementary schools get to spend a day at the beach. The day includes fun activities, music, great food, kite flying, and an exclusive boat tour around the harbor. Thank you to all the supporters and co-sponsors. This is a day that kids will always remember!

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