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Morgan Hege

Retirement expert, Morgan Hege, works with retirees and pre-retires to educate them about retirement, protect their savings, grow their wealth, and have a fun and successful retirement, and eventually pass on their money to heirs efficiently as possible. He specializes in the fields of retirement income planning. He has helped hundreds of individuals retire successfully using his principals. He established his practice around a safe money philosophy with millions of dollars under management. His proprietary planning process, is driven by his personal philosophy adopted from his first boss, Warren Buffet who famously said, “There are two rules of investing. “Rule #1 – Don’t lose money. Rule #2 – Never forget Rule #1”. Morgan works strictly with retirees who have over $250,000 in investable assets.

Education & Achievements

Morgan graduated from the Biola University in La Mirada with a degree in Organizational Leadership. He is a licensed insurance professional and financial advisor with over 15 years of retirement planning experience. He is proud to educate and advise his clients in their retirement needs, and enjoys making it a fun process.

In The Media

Morgan hosts an internet radio show and video blog where he educates and entertains his audience as he interviews guests and discusses current events with the nation’s top industry professionals. Morgan provides useful tips, fun facts about money and saving for retirement. Send Morgan a question to have it answered live on the show!

Morgan is the author of “Retirement Roadmap: Using Ladders in Retirement to Hedge Against Inflation” which discusses strategies to guarantee income, reduce taxes, and maximize social security benefits in retirement.

Family Information

Morgan and his wife Rya have been married since 1999 and have three children: a daughter Charlotte, and two sons Robert and Anderson. The five of them enjoy spending time together as a family, taking family vacations, and supporting each other in numerous social, school, and sporting events.