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Green or Scheme?

Green construction is becoming increasingly popular. about 35% of construction in 2013 was green, and it is expected to increase 55% by 2016. Although green construction is becoming the new fad, it may not be the choice. Here are a few topics to consider before going green:

  • Make sure your green contractor has insurance. If he doesn’t, don’t hesitate to hire a new one. If you like your contractor, but he doesn’t have insurance, as part of the contract, require he gets it.
  • Property damage coverage is not traditional! Although your building may be fully functional, it may not achieve “green status”, or meet LEED standard. If that’s the case, normal liability policies may not cover that issue. It is important to remember that  some certified green professionals may be excluded from some liability policies; property damage may not be covered.

So, how can you stay protected? DO YOUR RESEARCH! Go through a company that specifically offers green insurance. This way, if any construction falls into the “gray-green” area, you will be covered.