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California Wine Country, WATCH OUT!

Earthquakes in California aren’t a big surprise to anyone. Recently, studies have shown a more daunting side to this well known occurrence. San Francisco’s recent quake has shook up geologists everywhere. There are four major faults in this area that could greatly affect the farming world.

  • Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey and San Francisco State University believe Central and Northern California should be preparing for earthquakes anywhere from 6.8-7.1 magnitudes.
  • Southern California and the farmland of Central Valley rely on the man-made water system that connects to the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, commented James Lienkaemper, the U.S. Geological Survey geologist who was the lead on the story.
  • All four of these fault segments are extremely vulnerable. Each belonging to the San Andreas fault system, this geological dividing line marks where California’s western and and northwestern shift away from the rest of North America at about 2 inches a year.

With this threat of an earthquake, we can’t predict when the next might occur, but we can do our best to avoid financial disaster. Here are 3 ways to be prepared as a winery or vineyard:

1. Locate your vineyard to a close, reliable water source.

2.Location, location, location! Make sure you do your Geography homework! Research where faults are in the area you are looking to buy/cultivate in. you can NEVER be too careful!

3. Climate control! Make sure to have some sort of back up source of energy in case the power goes out.

4.Don’t store your wine up to high! Storing your wine low can help prevent breakage and will help keep your inventory full!