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3 Tips to Avoid Expensive Auto Losses

Do you have employees driving for your business?

Check out these tips to ensure you experience the fewest auto losses possible:

  1. Develop a system for hiring
  2. Provide Driver Training
  3. Supervise Effectively

Looking for an outline of how to put these things in place? We gotcha covered.

By systematically managing your drivers with a program that works for you and your employees and practicing the same steps for each hire, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches.

1. Develop a System for Hiring

Find ways of hiring qualified, positive, competent candidates.

Ideas include: anticipate job openings to reduce a rushed hiring process, consider applicants’ history of stable employment, check their MVR, and publish the opening in as many different places as possible.

This will help you acquire the largest pool of candidates, giving you your choice!

The Hartford Financial Services also suggests including a few tests in the hiring process.

Not sure how to regulate or plan these tests? Check out the free resource from Hartford, one of our preferred vendors.

Hartford Financial Services created this incredible resource which includes: Driver Employment Application, Driver Evaluation Form, Driving Test Evaluation Form, Road Test Evaluation Form (with tips!), a Vehicle Collision Form,  Supervisor’s Vehicle Collision Form, AND Vehicle Condition Reports (truck, van, automobile). Click here for free access to a systematic way of hiring!

2. Provide Driver Training

Using a combination of a basic overview of any equipment employees will use, mentorship, supervision, consistent group meetings, and self-teaching, new employees’ training and road to excellence (no pun originally intended) will hasten.

3. Supervise Effectively

Create and outline goals. Make them measurable and attainable! 

Motivate employees with clear, concise instruction

Measure work and any important data

Review goals regularly to adjust the plan or motivate change.

Evaluate every driver’s success and safety. Discuss any driving problems that arise with that employee.


Why do all this? 

Avoiding auto losses on a fleet will save money, improve company morale, and increase productivity.


For more expert info, watch the Commercial Auto part of our video series on Contractors Insurance. Click below!

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Resources: The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.