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Transportation Insurance

Affordable transportation insurance for your next move or shipment is only a click away. At Alta Vista Insurance, we provide quality coverage designed to protect your precious cargo from accidents, inadvertent damage, and spoilage. To that end, our cargo coverage offers:

  • Multiple Coverage Options (for different levels of risk)
  • Full Replacement Value
  • Coverage for All Major Moving Companies and Carriers

Goods in transit are goods exposed to tremendous risks. Transportation insurance covers merchandise and/or cargo while it is being moved and is subject to loss or damage during transportation. Our transportation insurance policies can also protect your cargo while in a warehouse. Coverage is also available for property serving as either a device of transportation or of communication, such as bridges, tunnels and television transmission towers.

Helping you find the right coverage for your next move or shipment is our specialty. If you have specific coverage questions, don’t hesitate to call us – or fill out our online quote form.

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