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California Renters Insurance

Ensure the protection of your assets while renting with a California renters insurance policy from Alta Vista Insurance.

It's true, disasters don't differentiate between property that is rented or owned. Whether it's a hurricane barreling down your street or a repeat burglar taunting your neighborhood, you are at risk regardless. It is important to install a safeguard by enrolling in California renters insurance.

You may think that because you rent your home that you are covered under your property management company or landlord's insurance policy, but that's not the case. The building and general property are protected by their policy but your personal possessions are entirely your responsibility. Having a California renters insurance policy will guard you from total loss if something happens to your living quarters.

California renters insurance policies generally provide coverage for items and situations which include:

  • Personal Property – like your furniture, electronics, and clothing.
  • Personal Liability – in the event that someone is injured.
  • Damage to Your Apartment – if the damage is caused by a covered loss.

There is no better time than the present to start protecting your personal property. Arrange for a consultation with one of our helpful agents to discuss your California renters insurance options. Such a consultation is important because your policy will vary depending on the possessions you have. If you have many valuables, you want to ensure that they are properly covered under your renters policy.

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